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Twenty20 Vision

T20 MAX Purist Sunglasses

T20 MAX Purist Sunglasses

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Modern take on a classic style.

Designed for daylight playing conditions. Suitable for red, white, and pink ball matches. 
Glenn Maxwell engineered the T20 MAX Purists for crisp vision, comfort and durability. For the money, the most advanced cricketing sunglasses.
The T20 MAX Purists are fitted with a wide lens that has a narrow front preventing any light coming in from the sides as well as providing that great classical comfort fit. A sturdy but lightweight frame ensures maximum comfort during any activity, especially for cricketers who spend many hours out in the field.
Purists come with 3 easily interchangeable lenses and feature a purple lens which provides unrivalled clarity for red, white and pink ball cricket.  
A new comfortable adjustable nose piece has been added to ensure the best fit for every unique individual. You can bend and mould the nose pieces in any way to find the perfect fit for you providing extreme stability.


  • 3 interchangeable lenses with UV400 sun protection
  • Frame with adjustable Nose Piece for perfect fit
  • Protective Hard Case
All lenses are covered by a 2 year quality guarantee.
Primary (Standard fitted) Lens - Purple 
Used for red, white and pink ball cricket.
Maximises clarity and enhanced vision during extreme sunny conditions. Helps increase your depth perception, improves visibility and helps you see contours around objects more clearly while offering protection from reflective surfaces.
Second Additional Lens - Polarised Black
Used for white and red ball cricket.
Enhances your vision by minimising the amount of light that bounces off surfaces. Perfect for extremely hot, clear sky sunny days. 
Third Additional Lens - Orange Reflective 
Used for red & pink red ball cricket.
Maximises clarity and enhanced vision during extreme sunny conditions. Helps increase visibility of objects by filtering out light.


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